Christmas at Maxwell's ©
William C. Laufer

A romantic Christmas drama for the whole family.

Hollywood shooting here for that Christmas charm

The movies came to the Greenville Inn Tuesday, the second day of shooting for the Cleveland-based film titled "Christmas at Maxwell's," which is being billed as a "romantic Christmas drama for the whole family."

It's "a story about the human struggle, the power of love, forgiveness and trust," according to a Web site associ~ted with the film.

William Laufer, of Cleveland Heights, has written and is directing and producing the film.

The film stars Andrew May in the role of "Andrew." Mr. May is associate artistic director Of the Great Lakes Theater Festival and held a similar post at the Cleveland Play House, where he appeared in over 23 productions.

The plot centers on the character of Suzie Austin, a woman in her late 30s who gave up her career as a singer to be a mother. She is serious ill but getting little from her husband, Andrew, who is preoccupied and conflicted. '

The Austins live in a beautiful home but summer at Maxwell House, where they have decided to go for Christmas, accompanied by their two children. It is there that the Austin children, Mary and Chris, give their parents an unexpected and very special Christmas gift.

The Greenville tavern in Bainbridge, owned by David Benson, was closed to the public Tuesday. The parking lot was crammed with cars and equipment as shooting went on inside.

Orange cones blocked entrances to the parking lot, and more vehicles were parked on surrounding streets near the Greenville.

The film began shooting on Monday at a church in Cleveland Heights, according to a spokesperson at the Cleveland

Chagrin Falls Village Hall employees said Monday they had heard nothing about filming in the village. When past filming was clone in Chagrin Falls, fees were required, including costs associated with traffic control and police time, as well as payroll taxes.

Several photos on the "Christmas at Maxwell's" Web site feature Chagrin Falls homes and landmarks, including the Popcorn Shop and the bandstand.

It wouldn't be the first Christmas movie shot in Chagrin Falls. In 1975, the village was a backdrop of the madefor-television movie "The Gathering." The natural falls and a home on Philomethian Street were among the locations.

In 1996, the village's downtown and side streets were used in the film "House Arrest," a comedy starring

Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Pollack and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Only the film's child stars, Kyle Howard and Amy Sakasitz, were in town for the filming.

Chagrin Falls has also provided scenery for several commercials including a series of Ford spots.