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TV Guide,, Cost Co, The Wanderer, Christian Happenings, The Cleveland Plain Deale r Julie Washington, The Spiritual Cinema Circle
" A heartwarming holiday tale that lovingly illustrates the power of faith and the fact that miracles can and do still happen..."
  q1a Belinda Elliott, Daily Life Producer
" A rare example of truly independent filmmaking. "
  TV Guide, Maitland Mcdonagh
" Now this is a family film... "
The Costco Connection, Steve Fisher, Movie Review
" Another Christmas classic..."
The Wanderer, Peggy Moen, Associate Editor
" Extremely well done...a powerful story of a family's love... "
David Kullburg, Christian Happenings
"...brings a message of life and hope... "
The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Julie Washington reporter
" A beautiful new holiday film..."
The Spiritual Cinema Circle, Stephen Simon
line of holly
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