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JACK HOURIGAN is Suzie in Christmas at Maxwell's.

Jack Hourigan, Second City Alumni and host of the new lifestyle show Three Takes on SLICE. Three Takes is a girlfriend's guide to being Single, Married and Divorced and airs daily at 8am, 12pm and 6pm on SLICE.

Jack has recently worked on an improvised show entitled: "Discovering Ontario" to promote tourism in her home province.  In her spare time, Jack has co-hosted The block on UPN, "How To Boil Water" on The Food Network, "Ready as She Grows" on DIY Channel, "The truth about the sexes" which is currently airing on W.

Read Jack's new article:

Single Mom? Would I fly into battle with him or just have soup?

Growing up as the youngest of nine kids I saw a lot of boyfriends (and girlfriends) pass through the "turnstile" at our front door over the years. So, eventually I inherited a sonar - esque type of radar when it came to potential mates for my older siblings. The "keepers" would almost always be determined by virtue of how they responded to me, the baby of the family. Children much like dogs, can smell fear, amongst other things, and no matter what age they are, a kid can always tell if an adult is on the level. So, in my youth I was much like a human reconnaissance mission. With one fly by, I could instantly assess any danger, the validity of the mission and weed out potential enemies. Above all, I could determine if they should "fly into battle" with the guy based on my gut instinct.

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