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Another Christmas Classic
A film review

By Peggy Moen, Editor THE WANDERER

11.29.07 WORD COUNT: 573

If you have time after going to see Bella in the theaters and watching It's a Wonderful Life at home, you might also want to see Christmas at Maxwell's, now available on DVD.

Christmas at Maxwell's (2006) is often compared to It's a Wonderful Life, as they both show men saved from despair at Christmastime, with the aid of divine intervention. Both movies feature children of the protagonists struggling to make sense of their families' unhappiness. Also, Clarence the angel in It's a Wonderful Life, answers to Joseph in Heaven, and Christmas at Maxwell's has an angelic character with a name reminiscent of St. Joseph. (Read Full Story)

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Audience Reviews and comments:
The story was tender and wholesome and captivating and the casting was superb. (JP)

I just wanted to write to tell you how enchanted my wife and I were with your film... we both left the film feeling buoyant and happy that we had seen it. Jack Hourigan as Suzie is clearly an actress with great sensitivity. Andrew brings a humanity in the form of subtle humor. Beautiful colors, wonderful cinematography and sound… all in all a round professional job! (TF

We just finished watching Christmas at Maxwell's. It is such a incredible film. You did an amazing job. The cast was wonderful. It really leaves with you a powerful impact on life. (DK)

I finally got to see "Christmas at Maxwell's" this evening- it was great! I was truly impressed and quite touched. The story, acting, and music were wonderful, and the cinematography was beautiful. This film beats the pants off every other movie I've seen this year. (JK)

Loved the movie. It was a very heart-to-heart movie which can only captivate audiences. (BM)

I saw your movie Monday evening! It truly is a feel-good movie and a perfect Christmas story. I brought along a friend, who typically likes the “macho” guy movies, but he also thoroughly enjoyed your movie! We’ve both been telling our friends about your movie! Thanks! Have a wonderful holiday season! (CC)

Thank you for your film "Christmas at Maxwell's". (JJ)

I loved the ending (LP)

Keep the good movies coming, I loved your Movie. (UN)

Congratulations on a beautiful inspiring and touching film. Happy holidays and may this film touch millions of hearts. (JH)

The movie was superb, with great screenplay, fine directing and acting, and charming settings. Bravo for a fine production! (ED)

I just watched your new film, Christmas at Maxwell's. I love the story, it was entertaining and thought provoking. The acting was great. Andrew & Jack were perfect. The supporting cast was also great including the kids. Its one of those movies that you wish would keep going. (AS)

We just watched "Christmas at Maxwell's." It's a gem. We enjoyed it very much. The whole film was very well done. The direction, lighting, and acting were excellent. In particular I liked the cinematography. There were some superb shots. When the kids went up in the attic and the lights turned on and lit the stairs, that was a "wow" shot. (RB)

Thank you for the wonderful movie "Christmas as Maxwell's" It was a moving and heart warming story. (MM)

We just watched your tender, touching and ultimately inspirational movie. The acting was terrific throughout - the children were wonderful, you must be very proud of them - and Gus was such a gem. We also loved the music. (L & BR)

I would like to let you know what a wonderful film it is. It kept me focused on the story line . It brought tears of joy and sadness. It also brought memories of my childhood and family. (H)

Thanks you for making a movie like this. We wish more of these kinds of films were made and we do hope this one is successful. We'll be looking for it next year in the theatres and will go to see it. (B & RL)

By the way, the woman who played Suzie really looked ill. However she and you did that bit was excellent. She's a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice, and, even in her illness, her inner beauty shown through. (BL)

Can't tell you how much we enjoyed the film. Excellent! (JB)

Thank you -- for making what I hope will become a Christmas classic, (NP)

Excellent acting, filming, editing. Good job! (JMA)

I just viewed your excellent film with my 8 year-old daughter. What a lovely way to spend New Year's! (BP)

It was a pleasure to watch a movie that did not have to be "censored" for our grandchildren! Thank you for not splicing in irrelevant, salacious scenes (EV)

I cried through much of the film. You absolutely nailed the feelings of waiting, wondering, attempting to cope, children raising themselves, no one knowing what to say. You rightly had many scenes where there was the silent looking out into nature in hopes of getting some insight, the desire to escape to places like the bar, the difficulty in carrying on normal conversations with others. The characters were believable. The settings were lovely to look at. The tones and colors and movements all appealed. (PH)

What a very special, touching film. I was glued to the screen throughout the movie!! Now, I have to quit crying... happy tears of course. Thank You so very much!!! (BW)

My bucket of tears is still a little moist from the experience of seeing the film. (W)

Wonderful movie because it is a family move and also spiritual. (CL)

The music is absolutely wonderful. Very moving faith message! (JV)

I enjoyed the film. It shares a bit of faith and hope in a realistic way. The flashbacks are well done. Thank you ( Fr. JB)

Delightfully NOT Hollywood... could be happening to the family next door. (DD)

I fell in love with the story! (BB)
The color was spectacular. The story and actors are wonderful. (SJ)

Very poignant and beautiful. (AN)

Lovely movie! (NL)

Great Job! (MD)

Just Great! (WO)

A very moving story. (AN)

Wonderfully done. (DC)

Wonderful, just wonderful. (AC)

I wasn't expecting the ending! It truly gave me a stronger sense of Hope! (DS)

Very Well Done. (GS)

Great to see a wholesome, family oriented film presenting hope and faith. Keep up the great work. (FB)

Could become a Christmas classic. (EE)

An enlightening story of hope and faith. A real "Joy to the World". Thank you for this creative gift. (DA)

I'm not a film critic, or are we all movie critics. Well cast, well acted, made me cry but I liked the power. (DF)
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