Christmas at Maxwell's is an inspirational Christmas drama where one family, through hope and faith, rediscovers the beauty of life...


This Christmas will change the Austin family forever. With a successful career in the wine business, two amazing children and Suzie Maxwell, his high school sweetheart, Andrew Austin has everything. But life and a past secret quickly bring change and in an instant, life no longer has the order and gentleness it once held. 


When Suzie falls ill, both Andrew and his children quietly search for answers... Facing a hectic holiday season, Andrew and family retreat to their summer home on Lake Erie to celebrate possibly their last Christmas together.

Away from the demands of the city, their world opens up to a moment in time they will never experience again. As their small lakeside community quickly brings them its own wonderments, hearts open in unseen ways…


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In theaters December 1 - Christmas 2006
Contact:William Laufer - email / 216-229-4444
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